George was so near cumming, and Sarah stayed spellbound, gazing at her mom's butt and licking her pussy juice off her lips. George moved forward to the young lady as his climax drew nearer, he pulled her yoga pants from her uncovered waist, pulling her undies away also. Like mother, similar to little girl, Sara's pussy was exposed and smooth too. "Gracious my screwing god!" heaved George, he twisted his legs, pulled the young lady's underwear descending and poked his large bulbous cockhead directly against her exposed slit. 

Cum detonated from his cockerel, painting the youngster's twat with thick hot man cum. His chicken head snuggled somewhere down in her parted filled both cut and the gusset of her undies with his second rope of jizz. Sarah shuddered and attempted to move in an opposite direction from the unforeseen inclination against her pussy, however George's clench hand brimming with underwear and yoga pants held her firm. He wrapped up siphoning the remainder of his cum over her delicate smooth hill and all around within her yoga jeans and underwear. Heaving and gasping, he let go and staggered in reverse against the stall. 

Sarah's mom, naked starting from the waist, had recently completed the process of wringing out her yoga pants admirably well. "...and then you just set them back on." She halted and gazed at her girl. Sarah was holding the front of her yoga pants open and peering down in a daze. 

Not you as well?" it was Mommy's chance to be concerned. 

Sarah just looked up at her mom, wide peered toward, cum slid down her uncovered hill to gather with the rest, pooling at her cut and splashing into the groin of her jeans. Nothing remained at that point but to shake her head in confirmation. 

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